OBOK Founder - Entrepreneur - Expert

Meet Alison

Before Obok, Alison founded and grew an ABA Service 
company from 1 client to a regional multi-state company with 14 locations and over 100 employees. In 2016, her company was awarded the South Dakota Woman Owned Business of the Year.

She sold her company for 8 figures and now has the ability to help other business owners navigate to get similar results.

During her time running the homegrown business, Alison faced many of the challenges and went through the same struggles that all business owners go through. Alison had built a network of resources to navigate the complicated process of starting and growing your business. She is now sharing those resources with other entrepreneurs.


Since founding Obok, she has been working next to entrepreneurs to help them stay passionate about their businesses, but also help run it efficiently and effectively for whatever the next step might be right for the company.