Consulting is More Than Giving Advice

Alison Hulshof the founder of Obok Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that helps small to mid-size businesses in the health care and educational spaces to improve their operations through personalized advice and action.


In addition to devoting her time to Obok Consulting, LLC, Alison also works a national platform as their Executive Vice President of Growth and Development.  In her role there she helps find the perfect partners to join this growing nationwide platform through mergers and acquisitions.  Alison has the opportunity to work with dozens of companies, analyzing their operations and determining the fit within the growing platform.


Prior to her work with Obok and the corporate world of healthcare, Alison founded her company ABA service company Behavior Care Specialists, Inc in 2006.  The focus was on schools and clinics that provided educational and clinic services to children and families dealing with autism and behavior disorders.  She was able to grow her company from a single client in her basement into a regional multi-state company with 14 locations and over 100 employees.  In 2016, her company was awarded the South Dakota Woman Owned Business of the Year from the SBA.   In early 2018, Alison was able to leverage her business into a multi-million dollar sale to a private equity partner.  During her time running the homegrown business Alison was able to face many of the challenges and go through the same struggles that she helps business work through today.

After two years of working next to private equity partners and alongside a corporate team she has gained knowledge on what the next phase of business can look like for others. 


Educated at Northern State University and the University of South Dakota, Alison grew up from humble beginnings in Peever, South Dakota.  Through hard work, a passion to help others, and an unwavering determination she has accomplished the things she has set out to do.  Today it is her passion to share her experience and expertise with others though Obok Consulting, LLC.  As a wife and a mother of six young children, Alison maintains a work-family balance that many business owners understand and often are living themselves.  Alison’s strongest attributes in consulting with operators are her ability to analyze a problem, be decisive, determine a solution, and implement changes in a timely manner.

Alison Hulshof

OBOK Founder - Entrepreneur - Expert

Have you built your


and now are 


what to do next? 

The questions OBOK

can answer...

What are the risks

you have to take?

Do you grow it?


Do you sell it?

Who do you hire next?

How do you

increase profits? 

Wish you had someone to answer these questions?


Someone that has been through the process before and has succeeded?

People who know the process of starting a business, growing a business, cleaning up a business, selling a business, and even buying other businesses to grow to become an even bigger business?


OBOK can help!


At OBOK we guide entrepreneurs who run their own business.  

We work next to business owners who started the business for the love of the business and are ready to think about what is next for their business. 


Our goal is to work next to you and help you stay passionate about your business but also help your run it efficiently and effectively for whatever your next step may be.  


Every one of us has had a struggle with the day to day of running our business and the growth of our business.  

At some point we may even want to think about selling our business. The questions you'll have are:


  • Where do I start? 

  • Who would want our business? 

  • How do I get the best value for our business?  

  • What is my business even worth? 

  • Would I want to keep running my business if my role looked different? 

  • What is next for my business? 











The truth is, in order to grow, scale, and possibly sell your business you have to master a few skills or you will continue to have a love / hate relationship with your business and be stuck in the same spot. 


Often time business owners are so close to all the fires and need to have a moment to step outside the weeds and assess the value of their business and prepare it for the best growth in quality and in scale to get to the next phase of the business.  That could mean selling or it could mean aligning and growing your team to run more efficiently. 

The guidance and assistance that you need are available and more importantly simple.


Our experience includes 12 years of founding and growing multi state platforms in healthcare. Preparing companies for the best exit and achieving a healthy valuation. Assisting small companies adjust to a new partnership in a larger platform, helping entrepreneurs prepare for sale by organizing all operational aspects and becoming more financially aware.  


If you want to feel like you are making the next step towards where your business needs to go we are here for you. 


Let’s meet for a 20-minute, complimentary call. Sometimes, you just need to talk about what your challenges are and know there is a starting point to getting to the next step in your business. 

OBOK Consulting LLC

123 South Main Avenue, Suite 200

Sioux Falls, SD 57104


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