How do you get your business to thrive on its own and not require you to be there...

...for every single move and every single decision?

As entrepreneurs, we believe that we build businesses around us and at some point that becomes an extremely heavy lift to do on your own. As I grew a business from one client to a multi-state operation and assisted in building out a national platform with hundreds of employees I quickly realized that I needed to create a team that understood my values, expectations and makes sure they were able to run the business even when I wasn't around.

Your team values.

The goal is that everybody on your team will know where you're trying to go. As you're starting this process, you really need to take a deep dive into assessing your team. Do you have the right team members on the job? Are they good at executing the job? Are they doing what you want them to do and in the timeframe you expect them to do it in? Are their goals and values in line with your vision for the business?

Set clear expectations

Think about what your business needs to grow and be successful. What do you need? Not personally, but in your business. Every business owner needs to ensure that they have written job descriptions. And this means for yourself as an entrepreneur you need to know what your job description is. If you and I talk, and you tell me that your job description is a little bit of everything then you will never get out of that role. If you want to be able to elevate yourself so that you can lead your company, you need to know what your job description is so you can do it and do it well. Learn to stay out of the “weeds” and trust the people you’ve put in place to do the job. A lot of times there are multiple ways to get an end result, step in if need be, but realize it may not be the wrong way to go about a task, it just not maybe the way you’d do it personally and that is okay.

Organizational chart.

You need to clearly define what each person's role and job responsibilities are in your company. Sometimes you will create org charts that have vacant boxes. You don't always have the right person for the right job in your company. You will need to look outside to find the best fit. Next make sure that every position fits into your company's budget and stick to it. Ensure that you have pay scales and salaries completed. I too often see companies who have built a dream and a vision but have hired high beyond what they can afford and at year-end are clearly not meeting the goals that they need to be making financially to maintain that infrastructure.

Managing the infrastructure.

This means knowing what everybody's job duties are and how to assess them without getting in. You need to know what you want your company's needs before you ask that question. You need to know what that position is going to do. I always ask my entrepreneurs to you can do it faster and better. When I am looking to hire someone for a new position I will often create an evaluation of that position so I know exactly what I need from that person and what I will be finding valuable to the company from that position. I know it seems a little backward but I know exactly who I am looking for when I start the interview process, as well as my HR, know who and what to be looking for.

The most common problem I encounter with entrepreneurs is wondering who they should hire next. You need to know what you want your company needs before you ask that question. You need to know what that position is going to do. I always ask my entrepreneurs to be very specific. Think about the task and analyze the job duties that need to be completed. Hire for the tasks, not for the job title.