Free Resources from Obok Consulting

Download any or all of these free resources to organize your business and take it to the next level.


Example Budget for Businesses

Download a fillable example of a budget for your business, fill it out at the beginning of the month and keep track of what you spent to record how much you actually spent.


How to Pick & Measure KPI’s

Learn what Key Performance Indicators you should be measuring and which ones you can forget about. Download this PDF to learn how to pick and measure them.


 What Should be Included in a Business Plan?

Don’t let making a detailed plan be an obstacle, download this sheet to get all the ingredients you need to write a successful business plan.

business name.png

How to Choose a Name for Your Business?

Names can be tough. Don’t let it stop you. In this download I outline how to make the right decision.

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Are you Ready to Start a Business?

On the fence? Download this to see which side you should be on.