Meet Alison

Founder of Obok Consulting 

Helping everyday business owners make the exit of their dreams


Short bio

Alison Hulshof is the founder of Obok Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in helping everyday business owners exit their business with a sale of their business or by removing themselves from operations. Prior to Obok, she grew and sold a behavior health business, Behavior Care Specialists, for 8 figures.

Long bio

Alison founded Obok Consulting in 2020 after two years in private equity where she was responsible for getting businesses ready for purchasing and helping them through the acquisition process. Prior to her PE experience she founded and grew Behavior Care Specialists (BCS) in 2006. After growing BCS from a single client to 14 locations and over 100 employees, she successfully exited that business in 2018 with a 8 figure sale. In 2016 she was awarded the South Dakota Woman Owned Business of the Year. She has been featured at the Autism Investors Summit as well as the CASP Conference.

Past Speaking Engagments


Topics to speak on

  • Preparing Your Business for Growth

  • Starting a Business

  • Growing a Service Business

  • Life After Selling a Business

  • How to Know if Your Business is Sellable

  • Prepping Your Business for Sale

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